There are many activities sponsored by our SAE International organization. To be involved in SAE at that level, you can begin by taking a look at the SAE International website for details on all their activities. You can also join SAE through web-submitted forms from their website if you are not already a member of SAE.


There are many opinions about what SAE can offer to its members. Some see SAE as just a networking society for professionals. Others see only the standards work that goes on to support design and manufacturing activities worldwide. Still others view SAE as a leadership growth experience, a publications source, or maybe an aerospace industry forum. Some only see the student competition side of SAE. We offer the Dayton Section as an avenue to this greater understanding. Please donate your energy to this effort as well.


Also, as we announce specific activities that the Dayton Section will formally participate in, we will highlight them here for you. If you are aware of anything that has not been listed here that we should highlight, please get with any board member and bring it to their attention.